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This video is for educational purposes, only a demonstration to help the developer to make the game better and to fix bugs I am not supporting to use this things, so download the original version from the google play store or app store and play the game normally.

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If you want this video removed, please contact us by e-mail : [email protected] and we will remove the video in less than 12 hours.

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👇 New Brawl Stars Private Server – Modded Brawlers and Custom Skins – Brawl Stars Mod 👇

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✔ Mediafire ➤

✔ Google Drive ➤

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⭕️you can use this mod with your old save data.

⭕️If stuck download, go to settings/apps/Brawl stars and then press force stop

❓ HOW TO INSTALL: Download apk and install apk.


➤Mega Mod includes:
1. Duplicate items (Including single items.)
2. The crafting and building without resources
3. Skill Points increase
4. Coins increase
5. Max Durability
6. Infinite fuel for chopper
7. Rapid recovery health and thirst (Drink water – restore health, Eat – restore thirst)


©Copyright – Mods Tube

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Hack Brawl Stars

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Hack Brawl Stars

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Hack Brawl Stars

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Hack Brawl Stars


📸 Mój Instagram:

💛Mój kod do “Wesprzyj Twórcę” w Fortnite: SOLCIAKYT


🍉 Mój nick w BrawlStars: solciak
💌 Kontakt Biznesowy – [email protected]
📸 Mój Instagram: solciakyt
🔥 Discord Dla Widzów:

🔥Wykorzystane Programy:

🖼 Obraz: StreamLabs, Action
🎤 Audio: Adobe Audition CC 2018
🎞 Montaż: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018
🖌 Grafika: Adobe Photoshop CC 2018

🥊GamePlay by:
-TapGameplay Brawl Stars

” Fragmenty utworów należą do ich prawnych właścicieli i zostały wykorzystane wg prawa cytatu [art.29 ust.1 ustawy o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych] ”

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Hack Brawl Stars

Explicação do vídeo: o “NOOB” se refere a um player que gema muitas caixas e não ganha brawler…. o “PRO” comparado ao “NOOB” sabe que já vai ganhar um brawler e gasta bem menos gemas,Já o “HACKER”,obs:Jeito de dizer,e ó player que não gasta NADA,e ganha brawler com poucas caixas….

OBS:Só olhando a thumb vc não vai entender nada….

English:Explanation of the video: “NOOB” refers to a player who gems many boxes and does not win a brawler …. the “PRO” compared to “NOOB” knows that he will win a brawler and spends much less gems, HACKER “, obs: Way to say, and the player who does not spend ANYTHING, and wins brawler with few boxes …. OBS: Just looking at the thumb you will not understand anything ….

Hack Brawl Stars

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